Ironing service

     If the ironing makes you to feel bored, stop worrying about it! We are here to help you! Our ironing service can be booked, either as a part of regular domestic cleaning or on its own. Please, note that all ironing is carried out by our staff at your home.

Our ironing service includes:


  • ironing shirts (we require our cleaners to iron approx. 9 shirts per hour);

  • ironing bedding (we require our cleaners to iron approx.  3 double bedding  sets);

  • standard Adult and childrens items;

  • sort cloths and hang/fold.


The price for ironing is £15 per hour per cleaner.

For ironing you are expected to provide all materials and equipment needed for the ironing, as well as access to water and electricity for our cleaners. For ironing, we require a minimum of 2 hours for each visit.