Office Cleaning


     Working in a clean and comfortable environment is of the utmost importance. Our flexible, regular office cleaning service and occasional deep clean service will ensure that the cleanliness of your office is maintained at all times. Keeping your workplace clean not only helps to create a healthy environment, but gives you a more positive atmosphere at work.


Our office and commercial cleaning service is flexible and versatile. We offer cleaning services to various commercial properties. No matter what type and size of premises you have, we can develop an individual cleaning programme for you.


Our office cleaners are experienced and reliable. They can clean your office at a suitable time for you - during the working day, in the morning before the working day begins or in the evening after the working day ends. This service is offered on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis.


Office cleaning service includes:



•  Empty waste bins;
•  Dust and clean furniture, window ledges, window sills, fire extinguishers, tops of              pictures, 
radiators, doors, door frames, skirting boards, light switches;

•  Dust and clean desks and tables;
•  Vacuum clean all soft furnishings and all carpet areas;
•  Clean and polish any brass and chrome;
•  Clean and disinfect all surfaces;
•  Vacuum the floor and wash it if necessary;
• Kitchen areas: clean hob, wipe outside cupboards, clean inside/outside microwave, clean 
outside fridge, clean sink;

• Toilets and bathroom areas: clean and disinfect sink, toilets, shower; clean mirrors and      glass; wipe ;tiles; replenish toilet rolls, hand soap, and hand towels when necessary.